About Us

Prizzzim Crystal Shop India

Prizzzim is an online Crystal Shop based out of India. It all started when our founder Jaishree first came across crystals during her college days, she was AMAZED. She harnessed the power of crystals like Lapis, Amethyst and Clear Quartz to create beautiful artwork for her college, and further design appealing visuals to boost sales for regional and international brands as a professional Graphic designer. 

Jaishree believes that crystals are a source of energy in itself, she meditated with certain crystals to get in touch with her body and heal her hip pain, eliminate negative affirmations and open blocked chakras to bloom into the human being she is today! :)

Power Message from JAISHREE - "Believe in yourself, you are your power and when you empower yourself you empower everyone around you"

Write to us - prizzzim@gmail.com