Labradorite Crystal Gua Sha for skincare

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Facial Gua Sha⤵️
Embark on your full-body Gua Sha journey from the top. Apply a few drops of facial oil or serum on your face and neck and start gliding your stone outward and upward at an up to 45-degree angle. It will bring blood flow to the surface and boost its circulation. Besides, Gua Sha elevates the level of elastin and collagen in your skin, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Scraping 5-7 times per spot can help you achieve intended skin results.

Body Gua Sha⤵️
Body Gua Sha is a kind of ancient Chinese bodywork practice and can heal and energize you after a long day. Scraping your stone on calf muscles and shins can boost your blood flow and relax your muscles.

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